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Family with boxes Looking for your next home? Then, look no further! Kathy Kittle at HomeSmart Reality is a trusted, expert buyer's Realtor in Littleton Colorado & Metro Denver Colorado and the surrounding areas. Whether you are moving a few homes down the street or are new to the area, Kathy Kittle has the expertise to help you find the perfect home for you and your family. Kathy Kittle will work closely with you, helping to uncover your needs and wants while diligently searching for homes that closely resemble your ideal. At the end of your journey, Kathy Kittle will help you form an offer and negotiate the purchase of the home of your dreams.

Kathy Kittle's Buyer Resources

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Featured Listings -

Check out the featured homes and properties listed on this site. Additionally. Home buyers are encouraged to call Kathy Kittle at HomeSmart Reality for a custom search   list of all properties that match their specific needs in the area's they desire,

Community Information -

Get to know your neighborhood and access the latest available community information. This information compiles the latest community Maps, area demographics, crime statistics, school reports, and much more!

Buyers Resources -

Have some questions about the home buying process? Kathy Kittle will have the answer. Kathy's informative buyer resource articles answer in detail many of the most frequently asked questions and common concerns about the home buying process.

As a buyer's Realtor, Kathy Kittle is your number one area home buying resource. Kathy Kittle an experienced buyer's Realtor would be thrilled to represent you on your next home purchase. For home buyers: having a good buyer's Realtor, such as Kathy, is the key to finding the right home for the best price. Buyer's Realtors are able to walk you through the buying process, often at no cost to you. Buyer's Realtors are able to give sound advice, schedule appointments, and discuss the merits of specific neighborhoods and properties. Additionally, buyer's Realtors will negotiate on your behalf and secure your new home at the best possible price.

Kathy Kittle is able to help buyers throughout the entire home buying process. Her expertise will help buyers make the right choices at every step of the process.

How Kathy Kittle Can Help:

Kathy Kittle at HomeSmart Reality can help home buyers in obtaining a loan -

Even within the initial phases of the home buying process, Kathy is able to share her expertise with you and make suggestions. Her knowledge and experience with various area loan originators can play an important role in understanding which mortgage loan originator's experience best meets your specific needs.

Kathy Kittle is able to match buyers with the right homes -

As buyer working with Kathy Kittle you can expect that she will sit down with you and take note of your specific needs and wants. Once she clearly understands what it is you are looking for in a new home, she will then take that information and design a custom search for you. This connection benefits buyers and allows them to have the ability to work directly with the MLS.

Kathy Kittle will help schedule and accompany buyers to showings - With Kathy Kittle by your side at showings, you will benefit from her expertise. She can help you understand home disclosures, surveys, or any other documents provided by the seller.

Kathy Kittle will write offers, go over contracts, and negotiate on your behalf -

Once you are ready to make an offer, Kathy will help you draft and negotiate the offer.

Kathy Kittle will provide your lender with a copy of the signed contract -

Everything Kathy Kittle does ensures that home buyers are able to seamlessly and effortlessly arrive at their closing date with as little stress as possible.

Kathy Kittle helps buyers make the right choice -

By helping buyers schedule and complete the necessary buyer's inspections, Kathy Kittle ensures that home buyers are making the right choice. Inspections are important and often must take place within a certain time frame. Kathy Kittle will help buyers schedule and complete inspections in a timely manner. Once the results of the inspection are available, Kathy will use the inspections' findings as leverage to negotiate with the seller if repairs are necessary.

Kathy Kittle will Discuss your options for Home Warranties -

Kathy Kittle will help you understand your options for a home warranty. If provided by the seller, Kathy Kittle will discuss what the home warranty entails. Additionally, if the home buyer wishes to purchase a home warranty and it is not provided by the seller, Kathy Kittle will help you understand your options and what warranties are available for purchase.

Kathy Kittle of HomeSmart Reality  will help home buyers review any pertinent documents -

Leading up to the closing date, Kathy Kittle will help home buyers review and understand the terms of pertinent documents such as any title and HOA documents that affect the property.

Kathy Kittle will assist you with a walk through of the property prior to close -

On the day before or the morning of closing, Kathy Kittle will join you on a final walk through to ensure that the property is in acceptable condition prior to the close.

Everything that Kathy Kittle does for home buyers allows them to reach the date of closing and take possession of their new home. Kathy's experience enables buyers to reach a desirable end-point through a series of well-thought-out steps with superb communication throughout the entire transaction.
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Buyer Resources - Informative articles about buying real estate.

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